What to wear

Here is the  link to my style guide for help on picking out what to wear/what colors photograph well! 

Style Guide

What to prepare for an in home session

My #1 recommendation for any in-home session is to find the room with the best natural light, and try to clear out a space by the window for photos. also keeping in mind that you will want to clear out whatever may be in the background of the photos, even if we are close to the windows for the shot itself. This tends to be applicable to night stands and dressers most commonly : ). 

We will want the light to be facing the couch or bed, so any room where the light is behind us we will probably want to avoid. I.e. if the back of your couch is against your window, we probably won't use your living room! versus if when sitting on your couch you are looking out a window, that would work great!

master bedrooms work awesome typically because there is room for everyone to hang out casually and we can put down a light duvet or blanket to reflect light nicely!

Specifically for newborn sessions:

#1 - I recommend feeding your baby right before I arrive/as I arrive (I don’t mind waiting! this is a great time for me to get some nursery shots). I also recommend avoiding letting the baby nap before I arrive. Those both will ensure that the baby is sleepy and relaxed during our session, instead of energized and hungry ; ).

#2 - A common recommendation that you may already know, is to avoid eating greasy and spicy foods the night before the session if you are breastfeeding. Of course, you will know what works best for you and your baby, so this tip, like all tips, is totally optional : ).

#3 - I recommend having your baby in a basic light colored onesie for the session if you don’t have any strong preference!. it tends to be a nice neutral outfit that is both 100% adorable and not too distracting. That way the focus is still on the little guy/gal! If you decide to go that route, feel free to have them all ready to go in that onesie when we start, since I know it can be really upsetting for the baby to be changed haha!

#4 - I recommend preparing a few neutral/light blankets/throw blankets/loose swaddles for us to use as well to either wrap the baby or to lay them on-top of. The bigger the blanket the better : ).

PS… The reason I recommend neutral/light is because anything we put on/near the baby will reflect light on them. so if there are lots of blues on them/the walls/the blanket, it can add a blue hue to their skin. same with greens, purples, etc. so if you’d like to incorporate color I recommend having a really light shade and having it be in their outfit as opposed to the blanket their face is laying on. hopefully that made sense and didn’t seem nuts : ).

#5 - I love to take photos of the nursery with/without the baby in it, but no pressure! if you have time/energy to tidy it up great, if not no pressure and we can use another room! it is not uncommon to use one room for the whole session. typically the master bedroom or guest bedroom works great if you have a white duvet, good natural light, and light colored walls.

#6 - for what adults should wear! I recommend wearing neutrals for the same reason. for women, I think wearing a long-ish flowy dress can be really flattering since you may not be feeling totally yourself yet. free people has some awesome options for these, but always wear whatever you feel comfortable and confident in! for men, I recommend wearing a neutral colored pant or jeans if you don’t have any pant you like! the style guide at the top of this page is great for ideas for both men and women!