October 16, 2019

/ Photojournalistic Engagement Session in North Bend


SEATTLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER — photojournalistic engagement session

Jess and Eddie’s Engagement Session was filled with playful and editorial styles and a mix of 35film, polaroids, and digital photography for a more photojournalistic feel.


Jess and Eddie were fast favorites. From the second they emailed me about their wedding I turned to Nick with a big smile and explained that someone awesome just emailed me about their wedding. Not to say this isn’t a common occurrence, but I knew right away that Jess and I were cut from the same cloth as the saying goes.

To elaborate. Jess and I share a love for all things modern, minimalist, and a touch of vintage. Also, she shares my fairly uncommon obsession with European and Australian wedding trends. We find inspiration by stalking blogs like the anti bride and the lane (thanks for the rec jess!). In other words, we get each other.. But all this is not to exclude Eddie. Eddie rocks too. He is kind, friendly, and silly and they are a perfect pair! We love you Eddie!!!!

I/we knew that for their engagement session we would want to have it somewhere outdoors and simple. My favorite engagement sessions, particularly with a more editorial/minimalist vibe, happen in simple settings. With no distractions and a muted palette we can let the couple really shine and play with different techniques and cameras (film + digital)!

We chose a park in North Bend, just outside of Seattle. It had a beautiful blend of green, brown, and yellows. Perfectly representing the transition of summer to fall in Seattle. Jess and Eddie rocked the perfect attire. Simple earth tones, and clothes they could move around in, but also that they weren’t afraid to sit down in the grass in. After asking Jess where she got pretty much every article she wore, the general consensus is that Madewell is an awesome place to find engagement session outfits (no surprise there).

The emphasis of the shoot was comfortable and casual, with a hint of editorial without it feeling too stuffy. We played around with my 35mm film camera, a polaroid, and on my digital camera I used a mixture of high aperture and low aperture settings to give a little vintage/photojournalistic and a little timeless.

We were sure to incorporate the meadow at the base of Mt. Si, but also made our way down to the river to enjoy the orange aspens and the beautiful Snoqualmie river.

Long story short, I love them and their style. So excited to be able to work with them and hoping to wiggle my way into being their friends because they are pretty great. THANKS Jess & Eddie for being so amazing in every way!