March 30, 2020

Industrial Engagement

Lenaig and John are two amazing photographers in Seattle, so when Lenaig reached out about shooting their engagement session I was immensely flattered. They have such a creative eye and are so talented themselves. They had the idea of using Georgetown, which I had played with once before at the Corson Building but hadn’t really explored! We started their session on the stoop of this amazing old building, it truly felt like we were on the set of Friends or something. It was so wonderful, and the perfect way to start things off. We had an endless amount of things to talk about, mostly related to photography of course, and before we knew it a few hours had  passed and we had made our way around a few really cool and unique spots.

Between the abandoned airstream farmers market, the Corson Building garden, and the seemingly random train that made it’s way through the streets, this session was perfectly non-traditional. I couldn’t have picked two sweeter or cooler people to spend a morning with, and I am so grateful that they let me capture this special time!

PS for those of you that are photographers interested in film, this session was shot on a mixture of digital, 35mm film, and instant film cameras. The film used was Kodak Portra 400, which I love and really brought to life the blue in the sky : ). It was developed by The Find Lab!