March 12, 2021

Modern Backyard Wedding in North Bend, Seattle, Washington

Jess + Eddie are the most lovely. From the moment they first emailed me I knew we would be fast friends. If you’ve already seen their engagement session on my journal you’ll know that we share a love of contemporary bridal design, minimalist and modern and largely nontraditional (well mostly this is just me and Jess, but Eddie absolutely is a stylish devil). We both take a lot of inspiration from publications like Vogue, The Lane, and The Anti Bride. She also is a lover of film, which made it fun as I was just starting to incorporate film into my wedding portfolio at the time we first connected. And on top of all this, we are very similar people and having grown up not far from each other I am sad we never crossed paths earlier in life!

This day, like most 2020 weddings, experienced a lot of last minute changes… They were almost forced to move it to 2021 a handful of times, and days before it was set to happen it seemed like it may need to be put off indefinitely due to all of the changing regulations and the headache it would entail to move it. But with a last minute twist of fate, it all came together.

But of course, as if they hadn’t experienced enough uncertainty, the forecast called for rain despite the entire week before and after calling for cloudless sunny weather. All morning through the afternoon, plans were changing, but no tents could be found last minute and there was no where else that we could find on their property to set up tables that would be any more dry than where they already were. So it was decided it was what it was, all they could do was bump the ceremony back an hour and hope for the best.

Amazingly, the weather cleared as Jess was coming down the aisle, and we were blessed with a gorgeous sunny evening and an amazing sunset. Thank goodness, because they absolutely deserved a break : ).

As you can see below the day came together beautifully, from her dress, to the furniture rentals, to the florals and the stationary. It was all amazing and a perfect representation of their style and taste. With all that said, both Jess and Eddie are the special mix of thoughtful and prepared, so that they can then sit back and enjoy the ride when the day arrived. Since they appreciated editorial mixed with documentary photography, it was fun and easy to incorporate both film and digital throughout the day.

This was a day I know was a long road for these two, and everyone behind the scenes working to make it happen. A very relatable tale for all getting married in 2020. I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of it and that it was able to happen at all. These two are the most wonderful <3.

Vendor team:

Photography, Malorie Kerouac

Planning & Styling: Elle and James Co.

Videography: Green Attic Films

Floral: Gather Design Company

Catering & Cake: The Tall Chef

Stationary: Paper Paper Co.

Signage: Libby Tipton

DJ: Oliver Strasser