Website Review


I will do an in-depth review of your website and we can hop on the phone or Skype call to discuss recommendations and help you make it kick butt!

Social Media Review


We will do the website review + a social media review! I will provide feedback on what your social media page communicates to the outside world about your style, your brand, and your consistency. 

Full 1 on 1


I recommend 2 hours but we can work with 1 !

We can cover anything under the sun!



\\ How to use your camera. I can help you understand the technical side of how to use your DSLR. Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance, Double Exposure, etc. 

\\ How to use Lightroom efficiently and how to create your OWN presets. Hopefully this will save you some money... ; ). 

\\ Which programs I use in my workflow, and which ones I do NOT use and why.

\\ How I work on staying creative and not blending in with the rest of the amazing photographers out there. 

\\ Understanding the value of different lenses and camera bodies.

\\ How I use social media.

\\ How I try to create brand awareness.

\\ How to improve your Client experience. 

\\ Website review.

\\ Pricing review.

\\ Recommendations on other workshops and mentorship programs that influenced me an INCREDIBLE way.