September 27, 2018

Lopez Island Wedding

Sam and Louisa had a creative yet timeless wedding in the backyard of a friend’s home on Lopez Island. The day was simple but incredibly beautiful and thoughtful. It was a perfect, blustery, fall day, and was every bit as down to earth and beautiful as the couple.

Louisa reached out to me only a few months before their wedding. During her email to me she expressed so much love and adoration for Sam I remember her saying she was starting to cry writing it. I knew exactly what she meant, being overcome by that obnoxious but honest love we have for only a few people in our whole lives. If you’ve met them, you know exactly what I mean. I was so excited to meet them, I knew they were going to a special pair to get to know, and that it would be a special wedding to witness.

I met Sam and Louisa a few days later, and their love for each other was bursting from their faces in sideways glances, hand squeezes, and the biggest happiest smiles you’ve ever seen. It was like they literally could not be happier. I later came to find that this was 100% accurate, they could not be any happier.

Their love is the kind of love that truly inspires you to love with your whole heart. They really only cared about getting married, and everything else was an after thought. All she wanted from me was to capture her day in a way she could remember. That was literally all she had to say about that. Despite having this AMAZING wedding planned, she wasn’t worried about the small stuff.

This sweet and gracious demeanor permeated through her whole family. Louisa later explained that her family was always there to put on weddings for someone. No questions asked, if someone is getting married her whole family (mom, aunts, brother, dad, long lost uncle bob, all of them) shows up and takes care of everything they can.

When I arrived that morning their getting ready house was packed with family and loved ones preparing bouquets, icing cakes (tasting cakes!), laughing, smiling, hugging, and appreciating. It might has well have been a thanksgiving family reunion.

The entire day we were threatened by rain, sun, wind, you name it. The ceremony and reception were all to be outside, rain or shine, so it was easy to get over the possibility of rain, because there was nothing to be done even if it did. I loved that about this day.

The ceremony was held at a little lean-to hut on the edge of the property. It was rustic and ethereal and very much made you feel like you were somewhere very far from where we were. Live music was performed by a good friend, and the ceremony was officiated by a lifelong friend of the family. The ceremony was full of love, happy tears, and excitement. Exactly what every person hopes for. Or maybe it’s just me.

The reception to follow was lovely. The sun cam out to make for an incredible hour of golden light and an incredible sunset. After the sun dipped a big bonfire was lit to keep everyone warm, which is where all of the guests stood on from to listen to toasts from family and friends that had traveled to be a part of this day. It was every bit as casual and beautiful as the couple.

They shared an understated first dance under moonlight to the music of their two close friends (who are part of the band Fretland, which is amazing and you should absolutely check out).

Finally the night ended with a dance party under the stars.

To Sam and Louisa, thank you for inspiring me to love like today is my last day, and for reminding me that the most beautiful moments are the ones spent with the ones we love. Meeting you both and being a part of this day was such a gift I will never be able to thank you enough for.

Planning + Coordination:  Wholehearted Events

Floral: DIY

Catering: Asher&Olive 

Photography: Malorie Kerouac

Decor Rentals: San Juan Shindigs

Entertainment: Oliver Strasser

Bridal Shop: The Dress Theory

Bridal Designer: Rue de Seine

Bakery: Holly B’s

Live Music: Fretland