October 23, 2019

Intimate Conservatory Wedding

Ryan and Jess have this quality about them, which I will try to describe but will probably fail at. They make me think of how when we (maybe it’s just me) are young and we think of the kind of partner we want, we think that we could find someone who encourages us to be our best self, to go for our dreams, to travel the world, and to seize amazing opportunities even if they don’t follow the path we had planned, seemed like a dream. As we get older we realize those relationships are rare, because it is rare to find someone who is that adventurous, while also being that thoughtful or responsible enough to start a life with. Yet, these two have done it. They beat the odds, they found their perfect champion, adventure buddy, and soulmate. They are amazing people individually and together; clearly matched for each other in a way that makes you certain they were meant to find eachother.

I first met Ryan and Jess for their engagement session at about 4:50am in North Bend. It was still dark out and we had never met before, they had just volunteered to try a new spot out with me. To make it more interesting they had only been in Seattle for a few days, having just returned from a several month sabbatical traveling the world together. This says so much about them. They are incredibly adventurous and open to new experiences.

What I hadn’t realized, is that they were newly engaged. I thought they were married already, so when the session ended and they told me they were looking for a wedding photographer I thought, ‘ you mean there is a chance we could work together again?! ‘

They were planning an intimate wedding followed by a much larger reception. Neither being from Seattle, a good portion of their guests would be traveling in from the East Coast and Southern states. They were set on having their ceremony at the Volunteer Park Conservatory to honor their love of nature and architecture, but also I imagine that they fell in love with the serenity and beauty of the conservatory.

It was the perfect setting for what they had planned. Their ceremony included around 16 of their family members, live music performed by their close friends, and a beautiful story book ceremony written by their dear friend and officiant.

The ceremony was lovely in every way. And it was to be followed by a totally different but equally wonderful reception at the Center for Wooden Boats in South Lake Union.

The Center for Wooden Boats was particularly perfect because Ryan is an architect and the Center for Wooden Boats was designed by Tom Kundig who’s work Ryan has admired. Their reception was a wonderful party, with what seemed like a few hundred of the friends they had accumulated over the years and their travels. While there were a lot of people, it too felt intimate, because there was no question that each person had a special place in their story. This was especially apparent because of the distance people had travelled to be there even though Ryan and Jess had planned the event in a small window of time.

I am so grateful to have had these two in my life. To be one of the hundreds of people they have touched in a way that makes them feel like instant friends. Thinking of this day and their love brings a huge smile to my face, and I know it always will! Thank you Ryan and Jess for being so lovely, we all love you!

Wedding Venue: Volunteer Park Conservatory

Reception Venue: Center for Wooden Boats

Dress: BHLDN

Hair: Hair By Elise

Makeup: Bethany Yackel Beauty

Photography: Malorie Kerouac