What to wear

Here is the  link to my style guide for help on picking out what to wear/what colors photograph well! 

Style Guide

What to prepare for an in home session

My #1 recommendation for any in-home session is to find the room with the best natural light, and try to clear out a space by the window for photos. also keeping in mind that you will want to clear out whatever may be in the background of the photos, even if we are close to the windows for the shot itself. This tends to be applicable to night stands and dressers most commonly : ). 

We will want the light to be facing the couch or bed, so any room where the light is behind us we will probably want to avoid. I.e. if the back of your couch is against your window, we probably won't use your living room! 

Specifically for newborn sessions:

#1 - I recommend feeding your baby right before I arrive. Also feel free to be finishing feeding as I arrive : ). I don't mind waiting AT ALL and it tends to  work best : ). I also recommend avoiding letting the baby nap before I arrive. Those both will ensure that the baby is sleepy and relaxed during our session, instead of energized and hungry ; ).

#2 - A common recommendation that you may already know, is to avoid eating greasy and spicy foods the night before the session if you are breastfeeding. Of course, you will know what works best for you and your baby, so this tip, like all tips, is totally optional : ).

#3 - It works best to have the baby freshly changed and in just a diaper when I arrive if you'd like me to swaddle when I arrive : ). That way we can avoid causing too much commotion by having to change them : ). I will bring a few neutral muslin swaddles, but we do not have to use them! They are just there as an option/backup! I recommend preparing a few light blankets/throw blankets/loose swaddles for us to use as well and if you don't want to swaddle in one of my swaddles feel free to have your little one dressed and ready to go in your first outfit choice!