A bit about who I am and why I am here!



My Story

I think understanding a bit more about me, will help you understand my work and my approach to capturing life, but after this section I really want the focus to be on you and your loved ones!!

I spent most of my life on a track to be an accountant. All the way through graduating with a degree in finance and accounting, passing my CPA exams, and working as an auditor for a Big 4 Accounting firm. I was eager to achieve certain tangible goals, mostly driven by money and social status. After a few years working in the industry, I found that I was miserable. No job, no team, no task was going to make me happy, because I didn't love what I was doing. SO, I bought an entry level DSLR and started watching courses online.

I shot everything from my dog, to random buildings, to my boyfriend (thanks babe!). I put together "fashion shoots" with my friends, and started offering free sessions to families and couples in my area. I was desperate to learn and grow and pursue this weird crazy thing that started as a hobby. Within the first few months of buying my first camera, I was shooting weddings, newborns, maternity, families, birthday parties, you name it. I wanted to learn everything, meet everyone, and most importantly connect with people! 

So here I am, working as a full time photographer, capturing love stories of all shapes and sizes and living a better version of my life than I ever planned for or could have possibly imagined. What I hope is obvious, is that I don't do this because it was my fastest track to make money (trust me, it's not, I walked away from something that was!), I do this because without even knowing it was happening, photography became my identity. My thing, my purpose, and my passion. And connecting and capturing moments for those who chose to work with me is a blessing I will never stop thanking my lucky stars for!

A few fun facts:

    //   Before photography, I was really into biking

    //   I was born and raised in the Greater Seattle Area, but all of our family is on the East Coast

    //   I have a little dog (Oreo) and a boyfriend (Nick), both of which I love equally because they are equally great

    //   I am a really extroverted and weird and love making new friends. but I am also a major home body and I love to hang out at home watching Parks & Rec

    //   I love Parks & Rec, New Girl, and Gilmore Girls (not because its amazing, but because I can't quit it)




My Style

I commonly am asked how I would describe my style, and to me this question always triggers flashbacks to when I was interviewing in the business world and they'd start with "tell me a bit about yourself."

I know this is cliche, and Nick would tell me "don't you answer with a photo! use words!", but I truly think that whatever feeling you get looking at my work, that is my style! For everyone that will be a bit different.

What I do know for certain, is that I love to capture real connections and real emotions whether I am working with couples or families. For some, real emotions are playful and light-hearted, for others real emotions are deeper and more still. Life goes quick and I want you to remember the real life you lived, not some made up version I create for you. So my style will always be me, but no two clients are the same!

I have a documentary approach, but also artistic, meaning I like to balance a specific artistic vision with candid authentic moments. I want you to feel like your photos are unstaged and raw, but to also feel like they are beautiful and sophisticated enough to last you a lifetime. Hopefully that makes some kind of sense?

Your photographer (whether for your wedding, or anything else) is an important investment!  Not every photographer will be able to appreciate you as you are, capture you as everyone who loves you sees you, or make you feel okay being weird and goofy (because weird is >>>> than not being weird). I want to create memories together, and not just the cliché ones. we will move, dance, laugh, and sometimes cry (hopefully happy tears).  In other words, if you want to have memories captured that reflect you and your loved ones as you really are, then please please reach out, because i think we will make a great team.