October 10, 2019

/ Playful Engagement Session at the Gorge

SEATTLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER — playful engagement session

We knew we wanted their session to feel playful and light hearted, to represent more of who they are together! We had been talking about having their engagement session somewhere different; further outside of the city. It turned out that Alex’s family had a place in Vantage, which is one of the spots I was thinking of anyways, so we decided on that since it was a special place for them anyways! We had originally planned to meet at Ancient lakes or another nearby landmark, but we found that the hillsides near his home were so amazing that we didn’t need to leave.

We started down at the community beach, and as the sun set we made our way up the hillside to an overlook with tall grass and an incredible view of the river. We hung out there until the sun dropped behind the cliffs : ).