January 14, 2020

Contemporary Anniversary Session

Praskovya and Roman’s contemporary anniversary shoot was in downtown on a rainy morning. This session features slow modern fashion, 35mm film, and a mix of editorial and candid movement.

It was absolutely pouring on this December morning. If our session wasn’t downtown I would’ve recommended rescheduling, but the location we settled on had so much beautiful architecture that we could take cover under, so we went forward with it. The rain amplified the color palette we both love, which was simple and muted, and added a lot of fun with some of the photos that incorporated more movement.

Praskovya and Roman have an amazing sense of style and were so natural in front of the camera, even though they claimed they wouldn’t be. Praskovya actually has her own slow fashion business, which you can find here! I feel so lucky to have had a chance to work with these two. So kind and lovely and it’s so fun to connect with others who have the same love of contemporary minimalist design! Go go run to see!