Golden hour in January

Amanda and Matt (who are beautiful, adventurous, so much fun, and just generally wonderful in all the ways) reached out to me little while back to set up a session for their engagement photos. They are going to be getting married in the Dominican Republic (yup! so cool.), so they really wanted to capture some warm golden hour engagement photos to fit in with that theme… the theme being warm pleasant things and not gross ‘January in Seattle’ things.

With that in mind, we set up this date with no idea of what the weather would do, and somehow it ended up being probably the nicest possible day in January… if you are thinking ‘wow that is lucky’, you are right. Not sure how we got so lucky… but it was perfect, so we don’t ask questions!

But also, it was actually REALLY FREAKING COLD, and they hid it well… : ).

Thanks Amanda + Matt for being so willing to do whatever in summer clothes despite freezing your faces off : ). You are the actual best and I am SO glad we met! xoxo

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