seattle family's baby announcement on downtown rooftop

Ashley reached out to me about wanting to do another family photoshoot, but this time in they wanted the session to be on a rooftop downtown Seattle. That already sounds like a dream, but then when I found out it was because they were expecting baby #2 it was the actual best. I instantly remembered their session in September when I asked if they wanted more, and Ashley and Connor both answered at the same time, Ashley saying “not for a while” and Connor saying “soon.” Clearly Connor won that argument : ).

SO so excited for this family, they are the sweetest and absolutely inspire me in regard to the kind of parent I hope to be, and kind of marriage I hope to have.

Can’t wait to meet you baby #2 (gender + name TBD)!!!!!! Thank you Connor and Ash (and Hux!!!) for letting me take these for you, always the biggest joy for me and feeling so extra grateful! xoxo

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