parsons garden Queen Anne motherhood family session

I’ve always had this idea of wanting to start offering sessions aimed at motherhood. In the past I have offered “mommy and me” sessions, but I felt like they didn’t really align with who I am as a photographer and the depth that I was wanting to capture between a mother and her child. I figured I would just stop offering mommy and me sessions all together, and had just generally been feeling like I was losing my ability to capture families in meaningful ways. I had been continually inspired by family photographers such as Twyla Jones and Brooke Davis and wondering what had changed for me.

Fast forward to the last month or so when I also was noticing that my wedding work was taking over my schedule and I was losing touch with my family work all together. So I decided now is a great time to really push the type of family work I used to be so passionate about, and if it didn't work that would be okay.

I connected with Emily to see if she would be open to letting me test a more raw motherhood session on her and her baby boy John, and she was kind enough to jump in with me!

I found so much love and inspiration from this session, and so hope to find more women asking for these, but also for more families to come to me with this in mind for how they want their family documented. There is no reason (at least not that I can see) that artistic photography should be reserved for weddings and engagements!

If this resonates with you, please leave a note below or shoot me an email! Would love to hear if this style of family photography is something you’d like to see more of.

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