pioneer square studio couples session

Breanna and Kevin are two of the most wonderful people!! I connected with Breanna through the photography community in seattle, and she has since become one of my best friends in the industry and someone I really admire in terms of how she runs her business and of course in terms of her being a wonderful kind individual! Breanna’s husband Kevin, is equally amazing, kind, and talented, and as of this month is officially a full time partner in their own amazing photography business! YAY! We got together a few weeks ago to do a quick headshot swap (yes she is the goddess responsible for the photos of me on my website you may have seen!) as I needed to show my face at least once on here, and they were wanting some photos to launch this new chapter of their business together!

any who, I wanted to share this session in particular not only to have a chance to promote how awesome they are, but also to share some shots from this gorgeous studio in pioneer square! this can be a wonderful option for engagement sessions, anniversary sessions, family sessions, and even bride and groom portraits if you are getting married in the city and want a confirmed dry space for photos when the weather can be less than predictable.

also she has the best hair, and they are so cute.



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