Tumwater Vineyard Wedding in West Linn, Oregon

I was finally inspired to blog this wonderful Tumwater vineyard wedding today because VAL AND ANDREW JUST HAD THEIR BABY! A sweet baby girl.

Whenever I write about couples, I always have this thought in the back of my head that someone who knows them way better than me is reading this and thinking, you clearly don’t get them at all… I just had to share that quick thought before I dive into what I personally loved about these two and their day because I am about to make some blanket statements about their awesomeness.

Val and Andrew are the most down to earth, grateful for each other, happy to be here kind of people (see?).

I just so clearly remember them being excited to work together but mostly just happy and not overly concerned with anything. In a wonderful, all brides wish they could be this cool, kind of way. They were practical, organized, but mostly just happy to be getting married and down for the ride!

The best part about their wedding, aside from the fact that they were bursting with love, was that when I arrived I found out Val and Andrew were expecting!!! WOO! This was later in the game news for them, and still without having that planned, her dress fit like a glove and she was still totally chill and cool with all the things. Also, pregnancy glow is seemingly a real thing, because Val you were so freaking beautiful, which I presume is how you are all the time…!

While putting this together (having seen the photos of their little one) I suddenly was so much more aware baby Murphy’s place in all of these photos. While I knew she was there at the time of course, I didn’t recognize how awesome it was that they will always have these photos/memories of their daughter being there on their wedding day. And yes, I mean there in a way other than Val having to be sober, while everyone else was not, sorry Val.

I am getting this sappy because, yes, I ABSOLUTELY have baby fever, but also because I just am so truly happy for these three (actually these six, because they have 3 dogs which y’all know I extra appreciate).

Their love is contagious and they deserve nothing but happy wonderful things!

About the wedding:

Val and her ladies got ready for the wedding in downtown Portland at a high rise air b&b, then met up with the boyz and took a vintage bus to Forest Park where we did their photos in gorgeous dry creek beds that run along the length of the park. They then took that party train all the way to their ceremony at Tumwater Vineyard in West Linn, Oregon. The venue was subtly decorated with long family benches and a wood arch decorated with gorgeous florals by Broadway Floral. The reception took place immediately after the ceremony, with AMAZING catering by Ingest PDX and wine by Tumwater Vineyard. All in all it was an amazing night, with two amazing people and their two amazing families.


Venue & Wine: Tumwater Vineyard

Florals: Broadway Floral

Catering: Ingest PDX

So grateful to have been able to be a part of this one, and wish we had an excuse to recreate it once more!


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