Leavenworth Adventure Engagement Session // Ava & Will

Where do I even begin with Ava & Will...

Oh I know! When we first met... We met at this cute coffee shop, and Nick was waiting in the car outside the coffee shop playing Pokemon on his Nintendo DS. They didn't know this.

Somehow Pokemon came up (because it always does?) and so I took a chance and directed their attention to Nick and explained he was knee deep in Sun & Moon at that VERY moment.

This could have gone really bad (aka gotten awkward real quick) but we all looked out at him and he happened to looked up at that moment and awkwardly waived at us. In this moment they had a chance to peak into our weird adult-child life and it would have been easy for them to say no thanks. But they said yes please, so I got lucky : ). Not sure how I keep getting these awesome quirky couples in my life, but YES PLEASE.

Anyways, I think the photos will communicate all you need to know about how our Leavenworth day went... if not, it went well because they are amazing and you'd have to try (REAL HARD) to not have fun with them.

I LOVE YOU GUYS and can't wait for August!