Gasworks at Sundown Engagement Session

Justine & Chris are two amazing wonderful individuals with a love of art, theatre, coffee, dogs, and Harry Potter. So now you see why they are amazing and wonderful. More to come on their wonderfulness next year!

They knew they wanted to have an engagement session somewhere in the city as that was more authentic to who they really were and how they wanted to remember this time in their story. I LOVED this, because I feel like there is a theme these days that engagement photos should be taken somewhere nature-y. That is silly, have them somewhere that reflects this time in your life so that they serve as a reminder in future years of a particular time/place in your lives! If that is in nature, great, but if not, don’t force yourself into a mold that doesn’t fit who you are : ).

We settled on gasworks park in Seattle, which is an iconic park atop a hill overlooking most of the city. The giant rolling hilltop is surrounded by water as well as the remnants of what was a true coal gasification plant in Seattle from early 1900 through the later 1950s. It is an amazing place that most Seattleites have fond memories of from childhood through adulthood, so I hope you enjoy!


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