If there is one page you visit on this whole website, I hope it’s this one!

It can be hard for me to summarize what it is like working together, because as cheesy as it sounds, my relationship with each couple is personal and unique. In fact that is my favorite part. But if there is one thing this past year has taught me, it’s that I simply love getting to know people, and through that process finding ways to ensure that their experience and images are something they are excited about.

So at it’s highest level, I will do my best to honor what you are hoping to find in me… whether that is simply a professional photographer whom you can rely on to capture something special, or if that is a new friend you text semi-regularly. In any case, below are a few things I will always prioritize.

A Personal Experience

As I mentioned above, I do believe each couple is unique, and your wedding photos should reflect that. I hope to learn more about you, your dynamic, what you value, what makes you laugh, and of course how you want your wedding to feel. All of these things will help me to capture you in a way that is honest to who you are.

A Helping Hand

Aside from loving photography, I photograph weddings because I love connecting with people and being helpful. I will always make myself available as a resource and friend, and will never intrude on what you have planned or prioritize a shot over your experience.

A Thoughtful & Creative Product

In a world where so much can feel formulaic, I see the value in your wedding photos being something thoughtful and creative. I am constantly working on finding inspiration from photographers, musicians, and other artists that exist outside of the wedding industry in the honest hopes that their brilliance may rub off on me in a way that benefits you : ). I also continue to shoot on a handful of different cameras (35mm film, medium format film, digital, and polaroid) because I have found that the variety in tools can create a more special and nostalgic snapshot of lived experiences.

Little Things
About Me

  • no 01
    I call Seattle home
    but travel often.
  • no 02
    I am an extrovert
    that recharges in
    alone time.
  • no 03
    I love meeting new
    people and having
    meaningful conversations.
  • no 04
    I love being a student
    of photography + film.
  • no 05
    I love flowers,
    house plants, and
  • no 06
    I love all things
  • no 07
    I love to read,
    especially fiction.
  • no 08
    I love Indian food.
  • no 09
    I am married to a
    cutie named Nick.


I am a lover of love, deep feeling, crying, laughter, clinking glasses, and most importantly memories. Memories that make you feel a little punch in your gut and a welling in your eyes.

I am also a lover of photography as an art form and as a tool. I am inspired by the power of artistic expression, the uniqueness of perspective, and the value of moments that cannot be recreated.

Cherish these moments leading up to your wedding, and most importantly, cherish the moments at it. Among other beautiful things, it will be a rare gathering of loved ones from near and far, and I will do everything in my power to capture it in a way that allows you to remember how it felt to be alive in such a special time.