about me

My forever goal is for you to feel like your photos are unstaged and genuine, but to also feel like they are sophisticated enough to last you a lifetime.


my Story

Before jumping into photography, I was (and technically still am) a CPA! I quickly found that as a career it didn’t do it for me, but having put so much work into getting there, I never considered something would come along that would allow me to leave. A year or so later, just for fun, I bought an entry level camera just to start taking better photos of my dog (she had a poppin’ instagram as a puppy). And now here i am, working as a full time photographer, in seattle and beyond, capturing love stories of all shapes and sizes and living a better version of my life than i ever could have anticipated.

Having planned so meticulously what my life would be like as an accountant makes photography that much more special for me; as soon as I let go of that plan, I fell into something that completely changed the direction of my life. Without realizing it was happening, photography became my identity, my thing, my purpose, and my passion.


My Style

Overtime my style has evolved a lot. I have settled into a blend of artistic, organic, editorial, and timeless. What has remained constant over the years is my desire to capture real emotions, and genuine connections. Because memories fade, I want these photographs to remind you how your life looked, but more importantly how it felt.


1 / While I didn’t love working as an accountant, I loved learning about it. I love learning/school in general

2 / If you had to ask me where I would see myself in 5 years, it would be a really similar place to where I am now, but with some babies!

3 / I LOVE Indian food, so so much, and wedding cake. 

4 / I make really awkward comments fairly often, and not in a ‘Jess from new girl’ kind of way... my execution is poor and i lack her celebrity charm, but working on it : ).

5 / Nick is the most wonderful person. we’ve been together for almost years, and living together for almost 4. We met through mutual friends on NYE and he is also an accountant! one of us had to change jobs obviously. He is also often my second shooter!

6 / Nick and i love being home with our dogs.. we truly are home bodies. but that also is why i love this job so much. it suits my extroverted side while also allowing me time to be home with my family a lot of the time.

7/ if I had to pick another job it would be a graphic designer, a geology professor, or a fashion/commercial photographer (this one is probably actually doable…!!)

8 / We have two dogs, Penny and Oreo. They are my greatest joy in life, but also they are psycho... they have severe separation anxiety and if you don’t believe me ask literally anyone who has ever met them. literally anyone. 

9 / i am obsessed with new girl and parks and rec. also Gilmore girls. It’s my dream to go to a Gilmore girls trivia night and just destroy everyone who dares to challenge me.

10 / Nick and I are mildly obsessed with Japanese culture and anime cartoons. Nick wins but he’s really roped me in.

11 / I love vintage and editorial photography.... all of my inspiration on Pinterest is typically film from 1910-1975 or high end minimalist studio shoots.


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have more questions about me, my style, or my approach to capturing moments? say hi anytime!!