before jumping into photography, i was (and technically still am)
a cpa! i quickly found that as a career it wasn’t the right fit, but having put so much work into getting there, i never considered something would come along that would allow me to leave. While working, i bought an entry level camera just to start taking better photos of my dog (she had a poppin’ instagram as a puppy). and it quickly snowballed. Fast forward to now, I’m working as a full time photographer in seattle and beyond, capturing love stories of all shapes and sizes and living a better version of my life than i ever could have anticipated. without realizing it was happening, photography became my identity, my purpose and my passion.


  • no 01
    The most important thing in
    my life is my family! The flexibility I have
    to spend more time with them is another reason why I love this job.
  • no 02
    While I didn’t love working as an accountant,
    I loved learning about it.
    I would be a lifetime student if that was an option!
  • no 03
    My fiancé, Nick, is the most
    wonderful person! My favorite in every way. He second shoots with me often!
  • no 04
    I love vintage and editorial photography.
    My Pinterest is full of pins of film from
    1910-1975 and commercial fashion photography.
  • no 05
    If I had to pick another job it would be a
    graphic designer, geology professor, or a fashion/commercial photographer.
  • no 06
    I love this job so much, it suits my
    extroverted side while also allowing me time to be home with my family a lot of the time.
  • no 07
    We have two dogs, Penny and Oreo.
    They are my greatest joy in life, but they are also the actual worst 93% of the time.
  • no 08
    I love Indian food, so so much, oh and also wedding cake.
  • no 09
    Nick and I are mildly obsessed with parks & rec and Japanese culture.


i see style as being made up of how i direct you, how i technically shoot, how i edit the photos, and ultimately what my vision is for your final gallery. all of the decisions that are made are made with the sole intent of enhancing how it felt to really be in that moment.

DIRECTING STYLE / In my eyes, the best case scenario of a session is that you guys will run around, cuddle, laugh, and feel like you’re on the best date ever. I will play around with digital, film, polaroids, and honestly do just about anything I can to add more feeling and creativity to your final gallery. I really believe that the perfect session ends with a single photo that so perfectly encapsulates everything you two are together. I promise that one photo will come naturally when you least expect it, and it serves as a reminder that you don’t have to do everything right the whole time, so let yourself relax, have fun, and know that the more you two can let go of expectations, the better the gallery will be!

TECHNICAL STYLE / the technical aspect of composing photos is really important to me, and will influence where i recommend we shoot, what time of day, and how i direct you. having said that, i am all for breaking technical rules if it means i can offer you something unique and meaningful. I will shoot on Digital, 35mm film, and polaroids during most sessions to add variety and pull out different feelings and colors that were present during the day.

EDITING STYLE / different people interpret edits in different ways, but from perspective, my editing style is blend of artistic, organic, editorial, and timeless. My edits are designed to highlight feelings of nostalgia and always aim to create beauty in otherwise under appreciated moments.

FINAL PRODUCT / with all things, consistency is really important to me. i take a lot of time to ensure that each image in your gallery fits seamlessly with the rest. i encourage clients to think of the whole gallery as a movie, and each image as a scene. while each scene may not be the most pivotal, if done right, each will have their place and together they will perfectly tell your story.

at the end of the day, my style is to capture real emotions, and genuine connections. because memories fade, i want these photographs to remind you how your life looked, but more importantly how it felt. I love the clean moments but I also love the messy ones, and I think both are equally important in telling your story.